The Cider

Quebrada del Chucao Cider Bottle

A bright light golden color with subtle green highlights, the Quebrada del Chucao apple cider recalls all the characteristics of the apples from which it is made. It’s very dry taste, due to a Brut Nature character, balances well with its natural acidity, giving it the freshness to be a very good compliment to various savory foods. Tiny natural bubbles help enhance its freshness. Ideal to pair with pork and cheese or to have it on its own as an aperitif.

The Apples

Quebrada del Chucao Apples

For our cider we only use old varieties from the south of Chile. Most of them were brought a long time ago by European settlers or are locally bred species during the last 80 years. They don’t have a specific varietal identification and normaly ther are named by the local farmers. Within the ones we use we can find Reineta, Limona, Cabeza de Niño, and others. Other varieties that we use for our cider we give them a common name, some times using the orchard name.

The apples are harvested in old orchards located around the town of Huiscapi (Between Villarrica and Loncoche) at the heart of the Araucanía Region. We work with small producers located at the old roads called “Fajas”, that connected the region a 100 years ago.

Our Process

Quebrada del Chucao Cider Process

The cider is the product of the fermented Apple juice. Its process consist in first crushing the apple using a miller. After that it gets pressed in a vertical press to obtain around a 50% yield in juice. The fermentation takes between 2 and 3 weeks and after is finished is stored in stainless steel tanks for about 5 months. Normally we bottle just before the arrival of Spring, in the month of September so the warmer temperatures help the bottle conditioning using the traditional method, also known as method Champenoise. This allows the cider to have a natural gasification and tiny natural bubbles. For concluding its process the cider is placed upside down so the sediment from the second fermentation settles in the bottle neck and then is removed by a process called disgorgment wich is done by hand completely. Finally the bottle is recapped to give origin to this great brut nature cider.