About Us

Quebrada del Chucao Owners

Quebrada del Chucao is a family run business that starts in 2010. Since then we have dedicated to produce and sell quality handcrafted apple cider. The company is led by the two cousins Diego Rivera and Matías Nahrwold. They have bottled more than 10.000 L since the first vintage in 2012 and they are pioneers on the bottled condition style of cider in Chile.

Diego with Quebrada del Chucao Cider Bottle

Diego is a winemaker by profession having studies of oenology at Universidad Católica de Chile. He is a natural life and wine enthusiastic. Since he’s time as a student the interest in cider was to develop the best cider, due in part to childhood summers in the Fundo El Parque de Huiscapi, where it was common to find different types of apples.

Matias from Quebrada del Chucao

Matías is a graphic designer by profession and he is in charge of the administration and marketing of the business. It was just a matter of time for the two cousins to start making cider in the south of Chile. Diego put the knowledge and Matías dealt with the whole procees that brought this refreshing cider into life.